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Marine energy Space Control

MESPAC is a service suite that delivers to the offshore wind and ocean energy industry highly accurate, continuous and spatially-refined wind, wave and other metocean information for project development, financing and operation.

Based on Earth Observation Satellites, the quality of the data provided is suitable for bankability, advanced design activities, monitoring and control of operations for new offshore energy projects.

About us

Offshore in-situ analysis from space

MESPAC integrates existing reliable SatEO data sources with advanced physical models and AI algorithms to boost the development of new ocean energy applications. Thanks to:

Analysis of metocean characteristics with state-of-the-art physical and geophysical models
Integration of available data provided by proprietary and third parties sensors
Proprietary AI algorithms to increase the accuracy of continuous datasets
Online platform with interactive dashboards for the users
Robust data analytics, search and graphical representation engine

our vision


Ocean Observation satellites
(e.g. Copernicus’ Sentinel-3)


Remote, cheap and real-time information

AI algorithms

Able to learn, fill the information gaps, and even predict.

At the same accuracy of in-situ instruments, but at a fraction of the cost and time!

Certified data

Substantial cut of time and costs to operators of the blue economy.

Enable and boost the growth of the offshore sector

Our solution

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