About Us


MESPAC aims to revolutionize the way metocean data are obtained, bridging the gap between traditional in-situ campaigns and the cutting-edge capabilities of satellite Earth Observation technologies.

Our approach leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to harvest metocean information remotely, convenientlyl and quickly. Most importantly, not only do we provide data, but we also provide invaluable insights for supporting stakeholders active in the sector of the blue economy: this significantly mitigates the risks associated with surveying activities and propelling the offshore sector forward.

Our services are designed to be cost-effective, highly scalable and repeatable for supporting global operators. By choosing MESPAC, operators can prospect new sites with more accurate and reliable information and evaluate the most promising sites saving over 50% of the time compared to traditional in-situ surveys. With refined metocean data for the entire marine area covered by the plan, MESPAC solutions aim to cover all metocean needs from the initial stages of development till the entire operative life of offshore projects.

Founded in 2022, MESPAC emerged from an European Space Agency Feasibility Study. MESPAC is supported by Galaxia, ESA BIC Turin and TechX.

Meet the MESPAC team!

Andrea Gulisano


We explore new frontiers in metocean research.

Giuseppe Giorgi


We innovate to allow competitive offshore surveys.

Giulia Cervelli

Head of Ocean Science

We reshape the future of metocean study.

Edoardo Pasta

Head of Data Science & AI

We empower ocean understanding with advanced technology.


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