Welcome to our blog.

MESPAC embraces the spirit of innovation of Eratosthenes of Cyrene who used the conventional technology of his era, the sundial, in a groundbreaking way to calculate the circumference of our planet.

Exploring the repurpose of existing technology, MESPAC aims to provide unparalleled access to the efficient integration and analysis of more complete data, empowering the blue economy sector.

Our blog is a hub for insights, updates, and discussions on the latest news at the crossroads of renewable energy, space-tech and artificial intelligence applications. Join us on our mission to unlock better access to reliable data. To unlock the power to make informed decisions. To unlock the true potential of clean energy.

In MESPAC, innovation meets sustainability. Welcome aboard.

Founded in 2022, MESPAC emerged from an European Space Agency Feasibility Study. MESPAC is supported by Galaxia, ESA BIC Turin and TechX.